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How To Choose the Right Service

marble polishingMarble has been treasured for centuries as a precious building material. It is strong and makes for very nice designs on all kinds of surfaces. Today, it used mainly to cover floors, kitchen counters, fireplace mantels, tables and so on. Although many people choose to take care of their own surfaces, marble polishing can be a difficult task especially if you are covering a large area, such as a floor or staircases. Fortunately, there are companies that offer everything from marble cleaning to marble restoration. To find the right one near you, use these tips.

1.    Find out how long they have been in business in the area. This is for 2 reasons. The first is that the longer they have been in business the more experience they are likely to have. The second reason is that you want people who have polished marble in your area for some time because they are more likely to be legitimate. The frauds don’t stay in one location for very long.

2.    Ask them what services they offer. Can they do marble polishing and restoration or do they just do marble polishing? This is so that in case there is some damage to your marble surfaces they can repair it.

3.    Polishing marble follows a certain procedure; first, the polisher prepares by cleaning the area and masking the areas that aren’t marble but that are close. Then he pre-seals, removes stains, polishes and seals the surface to make it water and stain proof. Find out if the service you are considering does all these things. A good service will list on their brochure the process they use.

4.    Find out what kind of compounds they use for marble polishing. Small surfaces like countertops can be polished using simple compounds like bicarbonate of soda but larger areas may need a different approach. If there are any people in the house who suffer allergies you should make sure to let the polisher know so he can use the mildest products that they have. Also, if you support a green environment find out of they have green cleaning products.

5.    Make sure that they are insured. All contractors who work in your home must be insured including the lower level employees. This is so that in case of injury you are not liable for any medical bills that may arise. Don’t take their word for it; ask to see a copy of their latest insurance premium.

6.    Any marble polishing service should also offer grout cleaning and repair services as marble is sometimes laid in tile fashion and the grout needs to be cleaned and restored from time to time.

7.    Get references for the last 3 jobs that they did and call the homeowners to find out if they are happy with services provided.

8.    Find out if they do background checks on your employees. This should be the case for any contractors who are working in your home. If you have valuables, keep them away under lock and key.

9.    Lastly, don’t hire any marble cleaning and restoration service before you compare quotes. Ask several companies to quote and then pick the one that’s within your budget. Remember, cheap isn’t always good so be careful to choose a company that will do a professional but affordable job.

Tips for handling polished marble

Your marble polishing company has done an excellent job of getting everything nice and shiny. How do you take care of your marble?

•    If you have just done marble floor polishing, all that is needed is a regular wipe and a buff. Don’t leave any wet things on the floor as this could stain the marble.

•    For kitchen countertops, never place any hot things on it. If you don’t have alternative surfaces, consider buying heat absorbing mats which you can place hot pans on.

•    Never cut food directly on the marble; use a chopping board instead. If there are any spillages, make sure to wipe them away quickly and give the area a light buff.

•    One of the best ways to protect your marble after a marble floor polish is to place rugs and mats especially in high traffic areas. The area between the living room and the kitchen, for example, is high traffic. Make sure that all rugs and mats that you use are rubber backed to avoid accidents.

•    For your marble tiled bathroom, all tiles must be dried after you shower. When you have dried them, take another clean, dry towel and buff. Deal with stains before they sink deeper in the marble. There are commercial marble stain removing products that you can buy at construction supplies stores.

•    Keep in mind that anything acidic, such as lemons and vinegar will damage marble so be careful with them.

If you use these marble polishing tips, your marble should stay as good as new for a long time.

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