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What to Look for in a Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning requires specific skills and equipment and that means that when you are looking for a carpet cleaning company, you cannot pick the first one that you find. There are certain qualities you should be looking for if you want to make sure that your carpets come back from the cleaners clean, fresh and well aired. Ask the following companies to establish whether a carpet cleaning company is right for you.

1. Do they have truck mounted equipment?

Truck mounted equipment consists of a large volume tank and an attached hose. The hose is used to pick up debris from the carpet and to suck water in the tank. If they don’t have this kind of equipment, it means that they are using a vacuum cleaner and this isn’t helpful in cleaning your carpet.

2. Do they do tile and grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning?

Now that you have your carpets out, it makes sense that you do tile and grout cleaning. Many carpet companies add this into their list of services so that they can offer a well-rounded floor cleaning service. If you need upholstery cleaning, there are many carpet cleaning companies that offer it as part of their services.

3. What kind of guarantee do they give?

You want to make sure that should anything go wrong, they can correct it without charging you. Find out what kind of guarantee they offer and for how long it is valid. One of the most common reasons for people to cash in their guarantees is carpets that aren’t dried properly; they eventually become dank and they smell and the only solution is to have them cleaned again.

4. What kind of cleaning products do they use?

There are some very strong carpet cleaning products in the market today and some have been associated with allergies. You want products that will clean your carpets without damaging them but that are, at the same time, mild enough not to cause any health problems. This is especially important if you have children, elderly people or pets in your home.

5. Are they licensed?

In the US, the licensing body for carpet cleaners is the IICRC. Before you hire any carpet cleaning service, ask them to show you proof of licensing. You can also ask them if they have any additional qualifications that make them better at cleaning carpets than other companies.

6. Do you have insurance?

Insurance is an absolute must for any people you hire to work within your property. If they were to get injured, they might hold you liable for medical costs. Make sure that they show you a copy of the latest premium of their medical insurance.

7. How long have you been cleaning carpets?

Experience is very important; they longer they have been at cleaning carpets, the more experienced they are likely to be. Also, you want to find a service that has been cleaning carpets in your area for some time. This is because fraudsters, the ones who come back later and rob you, don’t stay in one place for very long.

8. Do they do background checks?

Just like with medical insurance, this is an absolute must. You must never let people do any work in your house without making sure that they have no criminal backgrounds. On your part, lock away any valuables that are in the open and if there are rooms that they shouldn’t access, lock them and let the supervisor of the cleaning crew know.

9. Can they give you references?

Ask any company that you are thinking of hiring to give you the names of the last 3 clients whose carpets they cleaned. Call these people and find out how much they liked the service.

10. Are they a “green” company?

Today, we are all aware that it is important to take better care of our environment than we have in the past. Favor companies that use green cleaning products.

With these 10 questions, you should be able to find the right carpet cleaning service. Remember to compare prices before you hire.

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